One of our goals is to provide accurate, practical articles on dealing with allergies and asthma.

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General Topics

AAIA has excellent full-colour brochures on anaphylaxis, peanut/nut allergy, egg allergy, dairy allergy and dust/mold/pet allergies in English and French on their web site.

Oral Food Allergy Syndrome (AAIA)
This syndrome is an allergy to certain raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices and nuts causing allergic reactions in the throat and mouth. Not usually life-threatening.

Botanical List of Food Families
Cross-sensitivities among plant families is an evolving field of interest. Ever wonder why your peanut-allergic child hates peas? They are in the same food family! He/she may be sensitive to peas as well as peanut or they may just not like them. Birch pollen allergies are been linked with various tree nut allergies. Gives various common North American foods and their related food families.


AAIA has excellent full-colour brochures on egg and dairy allergies in English and French on their web site.

Facts about Hypersensitivity to Corn
This article is from the now defunct Allergy Asthma Association of Alberta. It’s dated but still relevant. Corn is still heavily used in just about everything.
See Links page for more Corn allergy web sites.

Milk Allergy

Egg Allergy
Two more great handouts from Dr. Antony Ham Pong, Ottawa.


The AAIA web site has excellent full-colour brochures on peanut and nut allergies in English and French.

Peanut /Soy Allergy
Dr. Antony Ham Pong has graciously allowed us to reproduce his handouts on several topics (see also milk, egg allergy). They are quite thorough in their content.

Why Peanuts, Why Now?

School Related

Les allergies et l’anaphylaxie: guide pour le personnel enseignant à l’école


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